FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here we would like to summarise frequently asked questions for you. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, you can always contact us by phone or email. Our employees will be happy to help you personally.

Questions about contact:

What are the opening hours?

Our office is available for you at the following times:
Mon - Thurs 8 am - 5 pm
Friday 8 am - 3.30 pm
Saturday only by appointment

Our warehouse is available for you at the following times:
Mon - Friday 6 am - 2.30 pm

What's the address of the office/showroom?

IKO Import Klaus Otte GmbH, Maikesselkopf 23, 66539 Neunkirchen

What's the address of the warehouse?

IKO Lager, Wellesweilerstraße 143, 66539 Neunkirchen


General questions:

What is the minimum order value for the first order?

The initial order should be at least 200,- € net order value for deliveries within Germany. For deliveries abroad the minimum order value is 500,- €.

What is the minimum order value for follow-up orders?

There is no longer a fixed minimum order value for follow-up orders. However, a delivery of less than 80,- € net order value does not make sense in our opinion, as the transport costs incurred are much too high in relation to the value of the goods.

What payment options are available?

The first order is made by advance payment. Please arrange payment only when you receive the invoice from us. Payments on the basis of the order confirmation can be incorrect, as the delivery value can sometimes still differ on the invoice. Follow-up orders are usually delivered by invoice. The customer's credit limit increases with each order placed, which is paid within the agreed payment period, since as a rule of thumb, we always deliver 30% of the turnover so far, which has been paid without reminder, by invoice.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or in cash on collection. We do not offer direct debit or credit card payment.

Deliveries abroad, outside of the European Community, are generally only made by advance payment.

What are the bank details for transferring the payment?

Account holder: IKO Import Klaus Otte GmbH
IBAN: DE63 5919 0000 0301 0810 06

What happens if I order items that are not available?

That is no problem at all. We note items for you that are not in stock and deliver them automatically on arrival, as soon as it is worthwhile for the dispatch. There are no additional shipping costs for you.

Can I use the product photos of IKO for sale?

The articles purchased from IKO may only be sold online after our article-related approval. The same applies to the use of photos created by us. We expressly object to the use of photos created by IKO that other customers have used. We advise you to contact us if you would like to use our product photos. We will be happy to discuss everything and send you the photos in the required resolution if we have expressly agreed to their use.

What should I do in case of a complaint?

Please handle complaints about defective goods exclusively as follows:
We as the management consider defects of up to 5% of the annual turnover to be acceptable for the customer, due to the pricing of IKO and the calculation surcharge of the industry. We work with very low margins and therefore often offer you as a customer significantly better prices than competitors. Therefore we also try to minimise unnecessary work for both sides.
The processing of a complaint often costs more than the value of the goods complained about. Defective ceramic, poly or glass articles over 5% of the order value only need to be photographed and the photos sent to us by e-mail. Returns must be returned FREE to IKO, we will gladly provide a replacement. Freight collect shipments are generally rejected.
In case of freight damage we hold the forwarding agency liable. A prerequisite is the correct acceptance of goods (see "Correct acceptance of goods"). In this case, please fax or e-mail us the completed complaint form which is enclosed with every shipment (see "Complaint Form").

If you cannot accept this, please do not order from us.


Questions on the subject of shipping goods:

How will the goods be shipped?

Parcels are shipped with DPD, pallet shipments with the forwarding agency Schenker. In order to minimise the risk of breakage, we also ship smaller breakage-prone items on half pallets (60x80cm)

How long does the delivery take?

As a rule, we dispatch the goods on the day the order is received or the following day. Only seasonal rush hours before Christmas and Easter may cause delays. Of course, you can also submit orders to us with a requested delivery date.

When is the delivery carriage free?

The delivery is free of charge from an order value of 400, - € net within Germany, without islands. For domestic orders below 400,- € order value, we charge a flat rate of 8,- € for processing and shipping. You can find information on freight costs for international shipments here: SHIPPING COSTS

Where can I find the link to the tracking system?

As soon as your goods are ready for shipment, you will receive a shipping notification by email. In the PDF file you will find the link you can click directly to see where your shipment is located. It often takes until the evening before you can track the shipment online.

Can I come and collect goods from the IKO warehouse myself?

That is no problem at all. Please just inform us when placing the order that you are a self-collector. We will then inform you when the goods are ready for collection.

Is there a possibility of drop-shipping?

We have the possibility to send shipments by carton or pallet e.g. directly to Amazon FBA. However, we do not offer drop-shipping for the shipment of individual items to the end customer, as our warehouse is not logistically set up for this.


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