Buddha figurines as contemplative decorative objects for home and garden

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Buddha figurines radiate great tranquility and symbolize the return to inner values, the importance of which cannot be overestimated in our fast-paced times. Therefore, supplement your decorative assortment with a selection of meditative Buddha figurines that will enhance your customers' living room or study in the same way as a terrace or conservatory - and in some cases fulfill even more meaningful functions.

The approximately up to half a meter high Buddha figures, which you can conveniently order online here at IKO Import, are partly made of polyresin. This is a type of artificial stone whose individual components, unlike other comparable materials, are not bound by cement but by synthetic resin. It is already cast into a specific mold during production, which you can buy in our store as Buddhas in the following colors:

• black/anthracite
• brown
• or gold ...

In addition, there are gray, silver or bronze Buddha figurines, which are made of magnesia (MGO).

Buddha figures resting in themselves - or holding tea lights and glasses

Traditionally, Buddha figures serve no other purpose than to rest within themselves and ideally transmit their worldview to the viewer. Our larger objects unmistakably reflect this attitude by placing their hands in their lap or raising one hand in a mudra salute. In addition, you will find in our assortment many other Buddha figures, which, for example, themselves serve as holders for tea lights or offer smaller storage areas, for example, for glass jars. In part, the figures are arranged for this purpose on stylized boats or bamboo mats, small cabinets or lovingly designed Zen gardens, all of which are also made of polyresin. But there are almost no limits to the adaptation of the Far Eastern spiritual world to the Western conception of life. And so you can buy at IKO also Buddhas as a money box or as a snow globe, for which certainly in your clientele will also find many enthusiastic collectors.

Buying a Buddha is always in season

When is the best time to buy a Buddha respectively to put it up for sale to its customers? Well, unlike Christmas, Easter or Halloween objects, Buddha figurines are always in season, which will undoubtedly prove to be an advantage in marketing. Therefore, stock up on a larger selection of attractive Buddha figurines right away at our wholesale to be able to make your customers an appropriate offer for various occasions as well as all seasons.

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