Production in Asia

Almost all our products are handmade in China. Unfortunately, however, Chinese handicraft is not valued as highly as German handicraft, although it is often much more complicated, strenuous and poorly paid. When you think about how many stations a single article goes through before the finished product is ready, a comment like “that’s expensive” is absolutely not justified.

It is hard to imagine how long it takes until the finished painted end product is packaged. Each worker usually uses only one colour for a small part of the painting to increase productivity. However, we can all imagine how it feels to spend a whole day doing nothing else but painting little black dots on ladybirds… It can happen that they do not all look the same. This is human and yet it also makes the products somehow unique.

When you look at an article, think not only about the profit, but also about how much work you are buying for comparatively little money. Therefore it is absolutely correct and understandable that also in China more and more rights and laws for the workers are emerging.

If we are once again annoyed that the supplier wants to increase the price by another 5%, we should rather think about the fact that there are many people behind it all whose quality of life might be improved by this. The fact that there is a great shortage of workers in almost all factories at the moment only shows how few people are even willing to produce gift articles. Every family is trying to provide their children with the best possible education. But of course a country like China does not function with an exclusively highly educated population.

We regularly visit the factories ourselves and can thus get a good picture of the situation there. We never support child labour and we also regularly talk to factory owners about procedures to improve work processes and make work easier.

Every business should be a give and take!

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